Kate Mieczkowska

Curator’s Comment

Goddess Now is a non-political organisation that wishes not to place any criticism, political activism or negative judgement upon any of the cultures, governments or religious practices connected to the place of origin of any of its participating artists. The mission of the organisation is to present commonality, shared endeavour and develop an understanding of different cultures whilst maintaining respect for existing laws and religious worship. We present work from individuals who contribute positively, not only to their own society but also across boundaries to enrich the lives of others. Our aim is to foster goodwill and positive awareness through Art made by Women from all over the world. It is a new project and admittedly has been a steep learning curve in places, but we are grateful for the continued good advice from highly knowledgeable professionals and wish to develop the organisation along these lines.

‘I became aware of an enormous anger. A fury to be exact. Each person revolved inside their own version of a private hell. How could so many talented people making so many interesting works be so unable to be happy? I spent a year being angry about their anger, unable to see a new way myself looking back instead of forwards. The idea for this project was born from a desire to make a collective signal from a female perspective with a sense of philanthropic power, with love, not anger and helplessness; to highlight the positive change to inspire a better future.’ Kate Mieczkowska – Project Manager (2020)

Each artist has teaching, writing and community elements to their practice. They are talented painters, sculptors, and poets whose creative output is a manifestation of their desire to make a better world.

They describe their experiences through their work aiming to positively transform situations that create imbalance.


Online Panel Discussion – 2nd September 2020

Our speakers were:-

Valarie Budayr an award-winning publisher, author, and musician – using her travels around the world to inspire her healing soundscapes in war-torn regions of the world.

Dr Ahlam AlShedoukhy a pathologist, practising physician, professor and artist from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Aida Murad an artist, entrepreneur coach and mental wellness advocate. An upcoming children’s book author rooted in love and reimagining what it means to be Human.

Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo, an artist, activist and campaigner. Founder of Lobiko ya Congo and co-founder of That’s Sick. Horcelie is reading her Masters in contemporary art at Sotheby’s Institute of art currently.

Catherine Workman is an executive board member of the law firm Pinsent Mason. She relocated to the UAE in May 2019 to facilitate the continued development of Pinsent Masons’ Middle East business including its association with Saudi law firm AlSabhan & AlAjaji.

Chaired by Dr Azadeh Fatehrad from the RCA and UAL

Dr Azadeh Fatehrad is an artist, curator and researcher based in London. Fatehrad is co-founder of ‘Herstoriographies: The Feminist Media Archive Research Network’ and the author of ‘The Poetics and Politics of the Veil in Iran (2019)’ published by Chicago University Press (USA) and Intellect Publishing (UK). She is on the editorial Board for peer-reviewed journal MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the discussion, we heard about the outstanding work undertaken by these highly talented women from The Middle East, Europe, Africa and the USA. Each brought her unique perspective on how spirituality, inclusivity and creativity can inspire a better world. Keep checking in here for news of another Online Panel Discussion.

Our second Online panel discussion took place on St Patrick’s Day 17th March 2021 at 6pm. This exhibition brings together work from eight female practitioners, whose creative and philanthropic work extends beyond the boundaries of culture, gender, and science. These people are playing key roles in defining the new era, focusing on community, ecology and the well being of future generations in creative and inspiring ways. Our speakers came from The Middle East, Europe and the USA and discussed their groundbreaking new projects and showcased new work.

Our lineup of speakers is as follows:-

Dr Mariam Al Eissa – artist and geneticist

Rayvenn Shelaigh D’Clark – artist and lecturer

Hira Kazmi – artist and scientist

Wenke Langhof – healer and nutritional expert

Valarie Budayr – Publisher and Sound artist

Imelda Almqvist – Author, healer, teacher and artist